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2019 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards Winners Announced

14 October 2019

Congratulations to all the 2019 Premier of Queensland's Export Awards category award winners last week. The 2019 awards drew nominations from all over Queensland, with 44 leading export businesses named as finalists in the lead up to the gala event. The QLD Export awards celebrates their thirtieth anniversary of the… Read more

In the News: Luina Bio: Growing impressively

2 September 2019

Published in The Australian Business Executive, read or listen to the interview with Managing Director Les Tillack as he leads the company’s innovation and committed pursuit of world-leading contract manufacturing. Read more

Genome & Company Chooses Luina Bio to Supply Innovative Drug Product for Clinical Trials Programme

31 July 2018

Genome & Company Chooses Luina Bio to Supply Innovative Drug Product for Clinical Trials Programme Partnership Extends Luina Bio’s Influence in the Industry to Asia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – 31 July 2018 - - Luina Bio, a leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in Australia, today announced it will develop and produce an… Read more

Luina Bio is a Westpac 2018 Businesses of Tomorrow Winner

25 July 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Luina Bio has been recognised by Westpac as a winner in the 2018 Businesses of Tomorrow award! The Businesses of Tomorrow program is designed to reward and recognise businesses with the drive to shape Australia’s future. We are honoured to be part of a… Read more
accine Contract Manufacturing

Vaccine Contract Manufacturing

4 July 2018

A leading Australian contract manufacture, Luina Bio offers clients the technology, expertise and experience to manage their vaccine production needs    According to the World Health Organisation, the global vaccination rate is nearly 85%[1] and the demand for vaccines continues to grow. Meeting this demand is very challenging as producing… Read more
Advantages and Challenges in Australian GMP Biomanufacturing

Advantages and Challenges in Australian GMP Biomanufacturing

18 May 2018

It is well known fact that the technology used to support medicines, particularly those derived from biotechnology, is complicated. A lesser known fact however was more widely proclaimed in 2012, by Mark Metherell, health correspondent of the Sydney Morning Herald. On a per capita basis, the overall value of Australia’s… Read more
Quality in Contract Custom Biomanufacturing

Quality in Contract Custom Biomanufacturing

26 April 2018

Aligned with national and international standards, Luina Bio’s total quality management system ensures that quality is embedded in their processes, products and services  As one of Australia’s most experienced CDMOs, Luina Bio offers a range of services including the production of cGMP material for preclinical studies and clinical trial material… Read more
ISO Standards for the Fermentation &Isolation of Medicinal Products

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products

4 April 2018

Luina Bio’s state-of-the-art facilities ensure that their products not only meet stringent manufacturing standards but also surpass them The manufacture of medicinal products is subject to special requirements to minimize the risks of contamination from pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapours. Cleanrooms help to ensure… Read more
What does the current in cGMP mean

Putting the “Current” in Current Good Manufacturing Practices

26 March 2018

A proactive approach to Good Manufacturing Practices is the cornerstone of Luina Bio’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products The pharmaceutical products (like drugs or biologics) used in therapeutics for human diseases and disorders must be safe, effective and of good quality. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) can help… Read more

From biotech wreck, new drug maker emerges

9 January 2018

FROM the wreck of one of Queensland’s biotechnology disappointments, a drug-manufacturing laboratory says it plans rapid growth in a niche market. (Reposted from the Courier Mail 5/01/18  Courier Mail Article) Luina Bio is based out of a plant in Brisbane’s western suburb of Darra, where massive air conditioners cool its cargo… Read more