Leadership and Key staff

Moving your product successfully towards market hinges on the talents of those developing it. Our scientist and professionals are among the top in the industry. We combine our experience and expertise to become an extension of your company, helping to overcome challenges and develop solutions to provide the most effective path towards success for your product.

Les Tillack 

Les Tillack is the CEO of Luina Bio, and spearheads the team’s innovation and committed pursuit to world class research, design and sector excellence. This Biotech expert brings over two decades of biopharmaceutical sector experience, and his industry leader reputation, to lead the organisation in world class service delivery. He also brings with him perseverance, innovation and unparalleled experience.

From less than humble beginnings, Les began working in the area of clinical pathology, with Dr Sullivan and Nicolaides Pathology, where he instituted important research projects for the Department of Primary Industries, and the University of Queensland. Then, moving to Progen Pharmaceuticals, Les took a position as Director of Operations, where he led the ground breaking Progen anti-cancer drug, PI-88s, and its progression from preclinical stage, to phase three manufacturing. Les then led a management buyout of Progen’s production site to give rise to Luina Bio.Les now sits proudly as the CEO and Managing Director of Luina Bio Australia’s frontrunner in the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing space. His role centres on delivering the expansion of Luina Bio’s services and ensuring that our services continually adapts to the needs of our customers.

Les’ commitment and continual strive for excellence underpins his strategic advocacy to the biotechnology industry through new drug development. Les prides himself on the contributions and advancements he and Luina Bio are making for the health and wellbeing of the local and global community. In 2017, Luina Bio won the Queensland Export Award for Health & Biotechnology.
Les’ qualifications include, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Microbiology, and a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland.

Robbie White
Chief Financial Officer
Luina Group Pty Ltd

Robbie White is the Chief Financial Officer at Luina Bio. As a dedicated, self-driven and detail orientated accountant, Robbie brings over a decade of industry experience to his portfolio.
Moving from the cooler Victorian climate, Robbie made to the move to sunny Queensland to provide the sound strategic and financial analysis advice Luina Bio was seeking. With several leadership roles under his belt, Robbie brings business strategy, financial analysis, risk management, financial modelling and accounting expertise to the team.
With his commitment for innovation, quality and precision, Robbie delivers sound strategic advice across all levels of Luina Bio. Robbie aims to facilitate sound business decisions, strategic partnerships and support the innovation and service delivery excellence of our world class organisation.
Robbie has his professional accounting qualification, CPA, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), degree in Accounting from Deakin University.

Graeme Harland
Operations Manager

Joining the team back in 2005, Graeme Harland now leads the operations of Luina Bio in the role of Operations Manager. Graeme joined the team in the initial role of Director of Quality, Quality Assurance Manager where he had the responsibility for all quality assurance and quality control functions across the organisation.

During his time as Director of Quality, Graeme led the development and validation of procedures of Luina Bio, supporting the phase III manufacture of PI-88. In 2015, Graeme moved into his current role as Operations Manager, where he now oversees the internal operations of Luina Bio. His portfolio includes responsibilities for production, warehousing and logistics, as well as facility management.

With over 40 years’ experience, Graeme brings his commitment for innovative practice, sector leading operations, and service excellence to the operational portfolio of Luina Bio. Graeme has previously operated as Site Manager for a large analytical services company, managing 3 laboratories. He has also worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for 2 large pharmaceutical companies, where he ensured quality assurance, quality control and regulatory obligations.
Graeme holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons), in Chemistry from the New South Wales Institute of Technology.

Tina Christensen-Ram
Quality Manager

Tina Christensen-Ram brings her attention to detail and service quality excellence to her role as Quality Manager with Luina Bio. Tina is responsible for the quality control and quality assurance functions across the organisation, and operates a sophisticated Quality Management System.

Tina’s quality management system and processes, ensures Luina Bio meets and exceeds compliance standards and the high expectations and requirements of regulators and clients. Tina provides continuous improvement recommendations, and ensures the organisation is meeting the new and emerging needs of the biopharmaceutical sector.

With a long and impressive quality management background, Tina has previously headed up quality management functions with several Australian and Multinational Pharmaceutical GMP manufacturers. For over 4 years, she worked at Patheon Biologics (previously DSM Biologics), where she played an instrumental role in the start-up team for the new state-of-the-art Brisbane facility. She also played a pivotal role in the successful grant of the GMP Licence in early 2014, for manufacture of drug substances in mammalian cell cultures.

Tina’s areas of specialisation include a wide range of solid and liquid dosage forms, and includes clinical as well as commercial, manufacturing and biotechnology. Prior to emigrating to Australia, Tina was a Qualified Person (QP) in a large multinational pharmaceutical company in Denmark. Tina holds a Master of Science in Pharmacy.

Max Rossetto
Head, Business Development

Max Rossetto is a multilingual Business Development Manager at Luina Bio. During a career spanning over 20 years, Max has innovatively led business developments in both established and emerging global markets, for 3 multinational pharmaceutical services organisations. He now heads up the strategic business development of Luina Bio.
Max brings to the team a wealth of sales, development, contract and stakeholder management experience. With an impressive background spearheading an array of lucrative companies, Max is now focused on expanding the market and global reach of Luina bio and its technology.

Skilled at building and maintaining strong sales pipelines, exceeding stakeholder expectations, and expanding organisational developments, Max’s work has taken him global, including roles across Southern Europe and the Asia Pacific. Most recently, Max has joined the board of 2 biotechnology companies in Australia, by invitation.

Max’s notable education includes a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business (NIMBAS, Bradford – Graduate School of Management), Master of Science (M.Sc.). in Biotechnology (University of Western Australia), as well as biology honours and others. He is also a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Anthony Jay
Production Supervisor

Anthony Jay currently sits as Production Supervisor with Luina Bio. Anthony has been with the organisation for over 10 years, since the company’s commencement in 2008, and in the production Supervisory role for over 3 years. He heads up the supervision of production excellence and quality delivery, and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team.

Within the organisation, Anthony has occupied roles including Facility Supervisor and Scientist, and has overseen technology transfer and manufacturing in both upstream and downstream processing on a diverse range of projects.
Most notably, Anthony has been responsible for producing API for local and international clients, for applications from preclinical use to phase III clinical trials.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Microbiology and Biology, and a Masters in Environmental Economics & Policy (Griffith Uni), and a Masters in Business Administration (QUT).

Dr Timothy Evans
Alliance Manager 

Tim Evans

Dr Timothy Evans is Alliance Manager at Luina bio and part of the executive team. Tim brings over 15 years of project management, technical expertise, and research and development experience. He has expertise in the disciplines of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and cell biology, to project management portfolio.

Tim has six years of innovation commercialization experience, from roles at university technology transfer companies, including; UniQuest (The University of Queensland), and QUT bluebox (Queensland University of Technology). Within these roles, Tim facilitated the commercialisation of university research from a broad range of disciplines.

Tim was a post-doctoral research scholar at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and impressively, was the recipient of the Arthritis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) with First Class Honours (UQ), and a PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (University of Queensland).

Dr Bin Wang
Senior Bioprocessing

Dr Bin Wang is a reputable scientist, and is currently a Senior Bioprocessing Scientist at Luina Bio. Bin has been a senior Bioprocessing scientist for over 20 years, and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team.

With an extensive range of skills, Bin’s key field of expertise sits within fermentation processing. During his time in this space, Bin has been responsible for the aerobic and anaerobic fermentations of a wide variety of organisms. Most notably, these have included recombinant E.coli, Pichia, Pseudomonas, Serratia, Streptomyces and many others.

Bin’s skills extend to bioreactions, from small scale development in shake flasks or small fermenters, through to large scale production fermenters.

Bin brings technical knowledge in the area of fermentation engineering, biotechnology and microbiology to his senior position. Bin holds a Bachelor of Food and Fermentation Engineering (Tianjin Institute of Light Industry), Master of Microbiology (Beijing Agriculture University), as well as a doctorate (PhD) in Biotechnology (UNSW).

Dr. Jason Ryan
Head, Upsteam

Dr Jason Ryan is Head of Upstream at Luina Bio, and brings an extensive science and biotechnology background to the team. Newly appointed to the Head of Upstream position, Jason is responsible for Upstream processes, technology transfer, and scale up.
He leads the lyophilisation of strict anaerobic fermentations for Live Biotherapeutic products, the production of recombinant proteins from bacterial and yeast expression systems using a wide range of inducers, and lastly, the implementation of single use system for Pharmaceuticals.
Dedicated to the biotechnology space, Jason most recently worked as a Senior Bioprocessing scientist within Luina Bio, before taking his current role. He also operated as a Principal Scientist in New Zealand, at Callaghan Innovation. His extensive experience in the area of fermentation, experimental design, scale up and metabolite production optimisation, has seen him author over 20 peer reviewed publications.
Jason’s key field of expertise is in fermentation, and he has been responsible for the development and optimization of fermentation systems for recombinant E.coli, fungi, yeasts, marine microorganisms, extremophiles, bacteriophage and anaerobes.
Jason has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in biotechnology (Griffith University), a Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology (Massey University), and a PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering from Canterbury University, New Zealand.

Ian Davidson
Quality Control Manager

Ian Davidson is the Quality Control Manager at Luina Bio with over twenty years’ experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.  Ian leads the QC Team in contributing to the high-quality standards that operate across the organisation.

Further highlights of his background include Senior Management in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries, strong technical skills with thorough understanding of GMP, regulatory requirements and Lean methodologies.  Ian also displays leadership and coaching to motivate and assist teams to achieve positive outcomes.

Ian holds a BSc Biochemistry from the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

Janet Bennett
DI Compliance and Systems
Implementation Manager

Janet Bennett is responsible for the implementation of site Data Integrity practices and procedures, ensure all electronic systems meet with the regulatory requirements for Electronic Records Electronic Signatures and communicate any compliance gaps and regulatory commitments. She is also responsible for the implementation of Quality and Business related automated systems and all associated training.

With extensive experience in the biotechnology area, quality control, and operational compliance and integrity, Janet is a critical member of the team, and her work contributes to the high standards and quality that operate across the organisation.

Janet has 20 years’ experience in Analytical Chemistry, working in Human and Animal Multinational Pharmaceutical GMP Manufacturers, in various positions within the UK and Australia where she immigrated to 7 years ago. She has extensive experience in Quality Control and Compliance in a number of dosage forms including Sterile and Topical Products, Raw Materials and Packaging Materials. She has a Yellow Belt Certificate in Lean Sigma principles, specifically looking at Laboratory efficiency and has been involved in a significant amount of Continuous Improvement activities.
Her roles include QC Supervisor and more recently Data Integrity Officer, where she was involved with the design and implementation of the Data Integrity Program at Patheon Biologics. Janet’s skills are enhanced as a result of her years as an auditor with National Association of Testing Authorities.

Janet holds a BSc (Hons) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Sunderland, UK and a SAC Dip in Ecology, from Stonebridge Associated Colleges.