Board of Directors

Les Tillack

Working for Progen Pharmaceuticals for 11 years prior to becoming CEO of LuinaBio (previously PharmaSynth) in 2009. During his time at Progen, Les has worked with and overseen Progen’s anti-cancer drug PI-88s progression from preclinical to phase 3 manufacture. He has also been responsible for the tech transfer and manufacture of many client products for both clinical applications and marketed products.
Les holds a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. Prior to commencing with Progen, Les spent 11 years working in clinical pathology for Drs Sullivan and Nicolaides Pathologists and has worked on various research projects for both the Department of Primary Industries and the University of Queensland.


Chris Burrell

In addition to being the Chairman of the Luina Group, Chris is the Principal of Fuse Advisory Lawyers with extensive experience in M&A, capital markets and commercialisation. Chris is also the Managing Director of Zucero Therapeutics, an Australia based clinical development company focused on developing novel therapies that harness the immune system using complementary mechanisms to current T cell targeting approaches. Chris is the Chairman of the Geelong Supercats and has held various ASX, government and non-government board and committee appointments. Chris has a Bachelor of Laws and is currently undertaking his Masters of Laws (Applied Law).